The Saga of Mermaid, Part 4

By: Susan Brandt Graham

May 11 2008

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Category: Challenges, Old Garden Rose, Rose, Snow


Focal Length:8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec

In mid-December of 2006, Albuquerque got what for this area is a major snow, with 8″ at my house. It was a wet, heavy snow, and that snow pulled Mermaid and its trellis partially off the wall. I was ill at the time, and thought, “Well, that’s the big snow for the year and I’ll get it repaired when I feel better.” Big mistake!


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  2. […] December of 2006 brought an 8 inch snowfall to my house. It was heavy and wet, and pulled Mermaid and its trellis a little away from the wall. […]

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