The Saga of Mermaid, Part 5

By: Susan Brandt Graham

May 11 2008

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So, who would have guessed that about a week later Albuquerque would get The 100 Year Snow? I got 22″ at my house, it was once again a heavy, wet snow. In the middle of the night I was awakened by the loud and horrible sound of something being ripped apart. I did not even get up to look, because I knew what it was. As you can see, the weight of that snow took Mermaid and its trellis the rest of the way off the wall and laid it across the patio. I could not even get to the rest of my yard until that mess got cleaned up (several weeks later)! The clean-up required sawing it off at ground level, along with the intertwined clematis that had thrived in peaceful coexistence with Mermaid. I thought both would die.


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